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Robin Altman

ACPC, PCC – Professional Certified Executive Coach and Speaker. Her story.

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The Open Program for Business


  • Who is this program for?

    The Open Program for Employees


    For executives and employees at all levels, Individual coaching can encompass a variety of initiatives including peak performance, leadership, behaviour enhancement, on-boarding of new employees, assessment feedback and professional development.


    The Open Program for Business Teams


    Radiate’s team coaching methods are based on the Living Systems Approach™. Teams engage in coaching as a collective in order to perform at their peak and achieve corporate objectives.


    The Living Systems Approach™


    The Living Systems Approach is for leaders and organizations who desire to move beyond the ‘band-aid’ fix for group and team dynamics to a new frontier – one where sustainable change is created through an individual and collective development process of self-discovery and learning.


    In these changing times, healthy and effective teams are essential to vibrant workplaces in order to deliver high performance results and achieve corporate goals.

    The traditional consultant with the 'cookie cutter' solutions to team coaching ignores the uniqueness of the team and more importantly, ignores the individual team member for the good of the 'team' persona.


    The Living Systems Approach™ (LSA) focuses on exactly the opposite proposition. This approach acknowledges that the individual 'I' enriches the experience of the collective. That team growth and evolution is possible through an 'inside out' process whereby each team member actively participates in a process of self-discovery and learning – individually and as a collective – in order to deepen their own learning and forward their actions – all in relation to raising the team's performance capacity.

    So in fact, the corporate objectives are achieved but from an 'inside out' process that creates true sustainable change.


    In today's environment the traditional ‘command and control’ approach to teams is obsolete. It is no longer a question of 'capturing their minds' and ‘their hearts will follow.’ In fact, the paradigm has been inverted: capture their hearts and their minds will follow.


    We are living in high velocity, changing times. In order for individuals and teams to achieve results, they must be empowered to operate at their maximum individual and collective performance capacity.


    The Living Systems Approach™ is the process by which this sustainable team transformation can occur.






    This image illustrates the components of the Living Systems Approach™ – change from within that radiates outward to create learning, increased performance capacity and organizational results!

  • Program benefits

    Advanced learning and self-awareness including strengths, capabilities, resources;


    Enhanced relationships and leadership skills;


    Clarity and perspective around complex issues and choices;


    Structured thinking and planning that focuses on priorities;


    Increased trust in instincts;


    Refreshed vision and renewed drive to move forward.


  • Program description

    Just like pro athletes and sports teams rely on coaches to help take their game to the next level, executive and team coaching is a process that enables individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.


    Radiate partners with you to provide the talent management practices you need to fortify and sustain growth. We develop leaders at all levels through processes that create the necessary shifts in awareness, thinking and behaviour leading to long term positive results.


    Whether they be executives, mid-level managers, high potentials or emerging leaders, the Open Program helps identify and define an individual or team vision, as well as specific goals. It then provides the appropriate structure, framework and support to achieve them.


    Radiate partners with organizations to design custom and blended learning solutions that fit the culture and achieve results. Its content and methods are built on established research and practices, as well as prevailing intelligence in the areas of organizational development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, change theory, and the latest research in the field of human development.

  • Program details

    For individual employees


    • The initial session – 2 hours

    • Remaining sessions – 1 hour/session

    • Number of sessions to be determined


    How sessions are conducted


    The initial session of two hours is conducted in person. If the individual is based outside Toronto, sessions are conducted on Skype with video or by phone.


    If you’re interested in bringing the Open Program to your organization, or if you’d like more information, please .


    For individual teams


    • The initial session – 3 hours

    • The remaining sessions – 1.5 to 2 hours

    • Number of sessions to be determined


    How sessions are conducted


    All sessions are conducted at the organization’s offices unless another venue is provided.


    If you’re interested in bringing the Open Program for Teams to your organization, or if you’d like more information, please .

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