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Robin Altman

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Radiate Passion & Purpose Program for Individuals

  • Who is this program for?

    The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program for Individuals is designed for those who wish to:


    Achieve peak performance and advance professionally in their current position;


    Gain clarity and accelerate their career;


    Transition to a promising next chapter;


    Learn, grow and thrive, both professionally and personally.

    Watch clients talk about discovering their purpose.

    Watch the introduction to the Radiate Purpose Program.

    For more information please visit www.radiatepassionandpurpose.com

  • How you will benefit

    You learn how to articulate your purpose, your unique qualities and personal brand, with practical applications for using them to achieve peak performance at the office, at home and in your community;


    You become aware of what drives you and in turn, you discover what ultimately fulfills you;


    You are able to make better decisions and choices professionally and in all aspects of your life;


    You are more confident describing yourself, your needs, desires and passions;


    You can articulate your competitive advantage, you know what makes you unique, and you are proud of it;


    Your relationships improve;


    You see the world differently and more optimistically;


    You have confidence and a clear direction for moving forward, both professionally and personally;


    You are excited about your future, and you have the energy to go out and create it.


    For more information please visit www.radiatepassionandpurpose.com

  • Program description

    What is purpose?


    When we discover our purpose, we know who we are and we're proud of it. Articulating our purpose shows us how we can be successful in a most authentic way. Being “on purpose” means aligning with the major strengths, values and personal core attributes that make up our unique best selves. It is then when we come alive and operate at our best. When we're on purpose we’re undaunted by challenge because we've connected with a deeper meaning, one that holds personal value.


    The many roles of purpose


    Our purpose plays many key roles. In addition to being our key motivator, it represents our personal brand, our competitive advantage, our compass, our mission, our deepest inspiration, and our most significant contribution. We feel connected to ourselves in such a way that we're able to identify and choose the types of work, projects, relationships and other endeavours that represent the most meaning and fulfillment to us. We welcome challenges, we find our flow, we perform at our peak and we reap the greatest rewards. When we're on purpose we "become" our best selves, and in turn give our best to ourselves and to the world.


    Fundamentals of the program


    The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program is a tried and tested process to define the core elements of your purpose. Its methods are selected from many traditions including organizational development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, change theory, and the latest research in the field of human development. Sound and proven principles are combined to form a  thorough, transformational process. As a result, you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for yourself in order to advance. During the process, you experience insights that open the door to your path forward, whether it be in your career, personal life, or both. From there, you have a template, a plan, and tools to discover and evaluate your choices and future opportunities.


    The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program helps you gain clarity and confidence, get on track and move forward for the long term.


    Discover your purpose and thrive!


    For more information please visit www.radiatepassionandpurpose.com

  • Program details

    For individuals


     12 Individual one-on-one sessions:*


    •  The initial session – 2 hours

    •  The remaining 11 sessions – 1 hour/session


    *The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program is estimated at 12 sessions. Given the individual nature of coaching, session counts may be extended to 15. The coaching engagement is tracked with the client throughout the process in order to fit their budget and needs.


    How sessions are conducted


    The initial session of two hours is always conducted in person unless the individual is not based in Toronto. Remote sessions are conducted on Skype with video or by phone.


    Remaining sessions may be conducted in person, on Skype with video or by phone, depending on the client’s budget and preference.


    If you are interested in getting started on your personal, or if you’d like more information about the program, please .




    The Radiate Passion & Program can be delivered as a workshop for a team, group or association. If you or your organization are interested in booking please .


    Public workshops


    Public workshops are occasionally held in Toronto. If you are interested in hearing about upcoming workshop dates, please to sign up for announcements.




    Keynotes on the Passion & Radiate Program are customized to the audience and time available. If you are interested in inviting Robin to address your group or association, Please .


    For more information:

    Robin Altman

    416 737 4629


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