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Robin Altman

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Radiate Passion & Purpose Program for Entrepreneurs

  • Who is this program for?

    The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program is designed for entrepreneurs who wish to:


    Carve out a clearer vision and path for their business, and themselves in it;


    Increase their performance and prosperity;


    Better manage themselves (and their team) through high-velocity growth;


    Experience greater levels of fulfillment every day;


    Transition to a more authentic and fulfilling way of working and living;


    Learn, grow and thrive, both professionally and personally.


  • How you will benefit

    You are able to proudly articulate your unique purpose, brand and competitive advantage, and execute on it;


    You gain confidence and a clear direction for moving forward in your business, as well as personally;


    You learn how to articulate and leverage your unique personal qualities, with practical applications for achieving success in your business and other areas;


    You become aware of what drives you and in turn, you discover how you can bring your A-game to grow your business;


    You are able to improve your focus, and make better decisions and choices;


    You are more confident describing your business, yourself, your needs and goals;


    Your relationships with clients, stakeholders, partners, suppliers and employees improve;


    You see the world differently, more optimistically, and you see more opportunity than ever before;


    You are excited about the future, you have the clarity and energy to go out and build it.


  • Program description

    Unpuzzling the entrepreneurial instinct In a startup or other entrepreneurial endeavour, you create a company, and the company becomes an expression of you. If the brand and purpose of the company reflect who you are, you have alignment, the foundation for success. Believe it or not, you (and any partners) are the company brand, and your brand stems from your purpose. More than a competitive advantage, your purpose can fuel peak performance while helping you build your business in a sustainable way. When you understand and articulate all the elements that make up your purpose, you’re able to leverage it to achieve extraordinary results, beyond expectation. The key role that purpose plays in your success You and your role in your business will be revealed through a completely new lens, the powerful, over-arching lens of purpose. Being on purpose involves aligning all the major strengths, values and core attributes that make up your unique best self. When you discover your purpose, you're able to identify and choose the right types of strategies, projects and partners that work best. When you're on purpose you’re motivated and energized to overcome any challenge, because you've connected with a deeper meaning, one that holds both personal and commercial value. Your personal purpose translates into your company purpose, playing many key roles in your business and in general. It represents your brand, your compass, your mission, your deepest inspiration, and your most significant contribution. You’ll welcome challenges, find your flow, give the best of yourself and reap the greatest rewards. Still master of your own domain The double-edged sword for many entrepreneurs is that they believe they’re in it alone. You’re an independent thinker, you have ideas, you’ve always gone by instinct, you want to do things your own way. At the same time, very few entrepreneurs have someone objective to confide in and trust. This is where Radiate Passion & Purpose For Entrepreneurs comes in. It provides a confidential, non-judgmental, impartial environment where you can constructively and candidly explore your business – and yourself within it – and craft your best way forward. The uniqueness of the Radiate approach is in the coaching conversations we will have together. Solutions are not prescribed, but rather evolve from a professionally-guided expansion of your self-awareness, your internal resources, and knowledge of what’s uniquely best for you in your business. Distinctiveness at its heart Radiate Passion & Purpose helps you identify your competitive advantage. You’ll learn how to translate purpose into the distinctive delivery of your product or service to customers. Extending this competitive advantage is how you and your team get to humming at 10/10ths so your brand emanates that palpable feel of quality and “wow, these people actually care” to those who engage it. Radiate addresses other practical and tactical aspects of your business We tackle common challenges that entrepreneurs face – focus, prioritizing, goal-setting, time management, hiring, business development, outsourcing, delegating and much more. Radiate Passion & Purpose gets you focused on the priorities while exposing creative solutions for gainful progress, all precision-built to your individual purpose and contexts. Sharing a wealth of tools and knowledge The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program is a tried and tested framework to define the core elements of your purpose so you can thrive, both in your business and personally. Its methods are selected from many traditions including organizational development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, change theory, and the latest research in the field of human development. Sound and proven principles are combined to form a thorough, transformational process. As a result, you gain deeper insight, understanding and appreciation for yourself and your business in order to advance. You leave with a template and tools to discover and evaluate your choices and future opportunities. The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program helps you feel confident, stay on track and move your business forward with a plan for the long term. Discover your purpose and thrive!
  • Program details

    For entrepreneurs


    12 Individual one-on-one sessions:*


    • The initial session – 2 hours

    • The remaining 11 sessions – 1 hour/session


    *The Radiate Purpose Program is estimated at 12 sessions. Given the individual nature of coaching, session counts may be extended to 15. The coaching engagement is tracked with the client throughout the process in order to fit their budget and needs.


    How sessions are conducted


    The initial session of two hours is always conducted in person unless the individual is not based in Toronto. Remote sessions are conducted on Skype with video or by phone.


    Remaining sessions may be conducted in person, on Skype with video or by phone, depending on the client’s budget and preference.


    If you are interested in getting started, or if you’d like more information about the program, please .




    The Radiate Program can also be delivered as a workshop for a team, group or association. If you are interested in booking a workshop please .


    Public workshops


    Public workshops are occasionally held in Toronto. If you are interested in hearing about upcoming workshop dates, please to sign up for announcements.




    Keynotes on the Radiate Program are customized to the audience and time available. If you are interested in inviting Robin to address your group or association, Please .


    For more information:

    Robin Altman

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