Investing in a new business venture – beyond an innovative idea and intelligent, driven founders – requires a scalable management team to ensure its success. It’s the ability for a technical team to grow beyond their comfort zone and lead the company to its first level milestones, and beyond. Start-ups often require ongoing support to build their management capacity, perform at their peak and stay on track


Radiate uses a sound methodology and set of tools to help VCs and investors optimize their portfolio companies. With our expertise, a team learns how to leverage its best resources and build the skills to succeed. We engage in structured coaching conversations that facilitate the momentum required to achieve goals at an excelerated pace. Ultimately, we help people think more effectively and in a more focused way. The quality of a team's thinking represents the difference between success and failure.



Whether in the category of financier, mentor or portfolio operator, Radiate can support a VC's founders and teams in the following areas:


Learn and build leadership skills – Many founders are emerging leaders who can benefit from support in developing winning leadership skills that dovetail with their unique style to achieve tangible results.


Develop talent – Individuals can enhance their performance by learning how to succinctly articulate and leverage their core strengths and unique attributes. With greater self-awareness they gain the assurance that can have them achieving at a level they themselves did not think possible.


Assess new talent – While assessing a candidate's skills, rapport and fit may sometimes be accomplished intuitively, identifying core competencies and behaviors that lead to team success can be challenging. Having a partner with a structured, objective approach to ascertain these competencies can be an “insurance policy” when hiring.


Enhance problem-solving skills – It is possible for individuals and teams to learn tangible, practical principles and tools to boost their problem-solving skills. When facing the inevitable tough obstacles, individuals improve their ability to identify and craft impactful strategic solutions, recognize emerging opportunities and assist in tough decision-making.


Increase team productivity and effectiveness – For new teams as they lay the groundwork, and even for the most effective groups, team coaching boosts individual and collective performance simultaneously. Unlike team building exercises, team coaching allows each individual to get clear on how they can best contribute to the team while learning how to collaborate effectively to achieve success in the business.


Articulate and establish a shared purpose and values – As the foundational piece of any successful business, a team that articulates and aligns on shared values and purpose at the outset creates a culture that permeates the entire company and primes it for long term success.



Radiate can also help VCs and investors in their pre-investment activities by performing due diligence and analysis in relation to the potential of entrepreneurs and their teams.


We can interview and evaluate founders or key partners to clarify (a) their shared vision, (b) the competency of the management team and (c) their internal alignment. If the management team lacks focus and alignment, failure rate is increased. Radiate can support the process at this level to aid in an investor’s decision-making.



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