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Robin Altman

ACPC, PCC – Professional Certified Executive Coach and Speaker. Her story.

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High Impact Leadership Program for Individuals

  • Who is this program for?

    For those who wish to discover:


    Their strengths and how they can be leveraged to achieve high impact leadership;


    Their principal leadership competencies;


    What defines them as a peak performer;


    The behavioural enhancements that will augment their leadership ability;


    How their current leadership practices are working for them and what they can do to advance.



  • How you will benefit

    • Enhanced communication skills

    • Improved collaboration

    • Increased engagement

    • Higher productivity

    • Peak performance


    You leave with a great guidebook


    Throughout the program you will develop a Leadership Manifesto which amalgamates the self-discovery and learning into a comprehensive personal leadership profile and development plan. This becomes a guide to embodying your authentic leader and achieving personal, corporate or community objectives.


    Program content


    The High Impact Leadership Program involves an in-depth coaching conversation, augmented by tools designed to immerse professionals in the latest prevailing intelligence available on effective leadership. Its methods are selected from numerous traditions including organizational development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, change theory, and the latest research in the field of human development.



  • Program description

    Getting more you


    "The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born - that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born." — Warren Bennis


    You’re in an organization, striving to perform at your peak and advance. Conventional wisdom says that as long as you become an expert in your work, do a good job and fulfill your responsibilities, you’re on the right track. But nowadays that can’t be further from the truth. For real, sustainable success to be yours, you must collaborate with and inspire a diversity of individuals at all levels, even across and beyond the organization.


    Gotta have it


    Leadership is a basic skill we all need to master to get anything of importance done. Even the smartest, most creative and determined person will discover the presence or absence of leadership ability between their success and failure.


    What does it do?


    Leadership defined: Taking the initiative and responsibility to bring people together to achieve goals successfully. Your position or title matters less than this. It is the essence of true leadership and can include communicating a vision, inspiring and persuading others, acting as a steward, helping people develop and grow or simply achieving things that matter.



    Leadership, the ultimate skill in business, and anywhere.


    What Makes Great Leaders


    Executives exercising leadership show initiative and pride in their work. They take ownership of their impact on their team, their organization, and their communities, and they strive to create value in all areas. They focus on honing their ability to bring people together to achieve goals and objectives, whether they be corporate, civic or other.


    Authentic Leadership


    Radiate’s High Impact Leadership program is founded on the philosophy that authenticity is central to successful leadership. Great leaders are committed to self-awareness – learning what keeps them at their peak. They have a practical understanding of their strengths and areas of development.


    High Impact Leadership helps professionals discover and leverage their best qualities to cultivate an authentic and effective leadership style that aligns with the organization and/or other stakeholders to drive results. This is accomplished by learning core skills that are layered overtop, optimizing their leadership abilities in the most intuitive way to achieve corporate and/or community objectives. Individuals practice skills to make them their own. This results in impactful and sustainable leadership.


  • Program details

    One-on-one sessions


     12 Individual one-on-one sessions:*


    •  The initial session – 2 hours

    •  The remaining 11 sessions – 1 hour/session


    *The High Impact Leadership Program can be fulfilled in 12 sessions. Given the individual nature of coaching, session counts may be extended to 15. The coaching engagement is tracked with the client throughout the process in order to fit their budget and needs.


    How sessions are conducted


    The initial session of two hours is conducted in person. If the individual is based outside Toronto, sessions are conducted on Skype with video or by phone.


    Remaining sessions may be conducted in person, on Skype with video or by phone, depending on the client’s budget and preference.


    If you are interested in honing your skills as a High Impact Leader, or if you’d like more information about the program, please .




    The High Impact Leadership Program is also delivered as a workshop for a team, group or association. In a team context, this program not only enhances individual leadership skills, but can also address the team’s leadership ability as a single unit within the corporate structure (or, vis-à-vis its customers, stakeholders and community). Workshops are customized to the team’s unique needs. If you are interested in booking a workshop please .


    Public workshops


    Public workshops are occasionally held in Toronto. If you are interested in hearing about upcoming workshop dates, please to sign up for announcements.




    Keynotes on the The High Impact Leadership Program are customized to the audience and time available. If you are interested in inviting Robin to address your group or association, please .


    For more information:

    Robin Altman

    416 737 4629

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