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Robin Altman

ACPC, PCC – Professional Certified Executive Coach and Speaker. Her story.

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Radiate Creativity & Innovation Program for Entrepreneurs

  • Who is this program for?

    Entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to:


    refresh their strategies and product/service offerings;


    learn advanced problem-solving skills while building collaboration and productivity among employees, suppliers, partners and stakeholders;


    revitalize themselves (and their team);


    gain a competitive advantage through innovation and lead their field.



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  • How you will benefit

    • Enhanced creative thinking and problem-solving skills


    • New language and understanding


    • Improved communication


    • Collaboration


    • Appreciation of diverse points of view


    • Suspended judgement


    • Enhanced conflict management


    • Increased productivity


    • Innovation


    Key Learnings


    The conditions that stimulate creative thinking;


    How to generate and curate ideas that lead to commercially-viable products, services, strategies and business models;


    How individuals and teams can transform creative thinking into a competitive advantage;


    The kinds of processes that can be put into place to create a culture of creativity in your company.


    The Creativity and Innovation Program involves an in-depth coaching conversation, augmented by tools designed to immerse businesspeople in the latest prevailing intelligence available on creativity and innovation. Its approach is influenced by numerous traditions including organizational development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, change theory, and the latest research in the field of human development.

  • Program description

    If you’re an entrepreneur, creatively speaking, you have a head start on the rest of us. After all, you had to think creatively to foresee a good business opportunity, go off on your own and try something new. Entrepreneurs, whether on their own or with partners, inherently think, “I want to forge my own destiny and do things my way.” This most often involves some sort of creative thinking and personal stamp, at least at the outset. But as the business grows, increasing constraints on time and resources may wear this spirit thin. Sales may be alright, but capacity and solutions seem scarce and you may be getting bogged down.


    “There’s got to be more that I (or we) can do.”


    “When I started, my offering was unique. Now, everyone’s doing it so there’s less in it for me.”


    “Why change how things are done when this is the way I achieved success?”


    “I’ve had a lot of experience – I know what works and what doesn’t.”


    “I’ve tried everything, I’m stuck.”


    “I’m not sure where to go from here.”


    Should these thoughts stand in your way, or can you use them to propel yourself to higher levels of creativity leading to innovation?


    While external factors may seem daunting, what limits us is our thinking behind these external factors, the beliefs and assumptions we hold onto — the judgements we place on ourselves and others — and how we approach solutions.


    The Creativity & Innovation Program demystifies how you can think creatively to collaborate, gain a competitive advantage and achieve your loftiest goals. It breaks down the process to help reconnect with that innate ability you possess, and channel it for commercial success.


  • Program details

    One-on-one sessions


    12 Individual one-on-one sessions:*


    • The initial session – 2 hours

    • The remaining 11 sessions – 1 hour/session


    *The Creativity and Innovation Program can be fulfilled in 12 sessions. Given the individual nature of coaching, session counts may be extended to 15. The coaching engagement is tracked with the client throughout the process in order to fit their budget and needs.


    How sessions are conducted


    The initial session of two hours is conducted in person. If the individual is based outside Toronto, sessions are conducted on Skype with video or by phone.


    Remaining sessions may be conducted in person, on Skype with video or by phone, depending on the client’s budget and preference.


    If you are interested in amplifying Creativity and Innovation skills for yourself or in your business, or if you’d like more information about the program, please .




    The Creativity and Innovation Program is highly effective as a workshop for a team or group. The time required would depend on your unique needs and those of your team members. If you are interested in booking a workshop please .


    Public workshops


    Public workshops are occasionally held in Toronto. If you are interested in hearing about upcoming workshop dates, please to sign up for announcements.




    Keynotes on Creativity and Innovation are customized to the audience and time available. If you are interested in inviting Robin to address your group or association, Please contact .


    For more information:

    Robin Altman

    416 737 4629

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